Mind and Body Program

A mind-body program for healthy, confident skin

Do you ever feel so stressed out that your skin breaks out or triggers some other skin issue? The skin is closely connected to the nervous system, making it acutely sensitive to your life’s emotional events.

You then go from one doctor to another in search of the perfect cure, the perfect lotion, or perfect potion for your skin. It may work in the short term, but not in the long term. Some products may not work at all. Something deeper is going on.

The skin is our body’s largest organ. It’s uniquely exposed to the outside world as our first line of defense, protecting the rest of our organs. The skin is also rich with nerve endings ultimately linked to our brain. Messages to and from the brain take immediate steps to protect us.

Therefore, given the fact of the connection between the skin and mind via the nervous system, the role of the mind in skin disease is not a surprise at all.

In this new program called Skin Deep, you will learn techniques to tap into your mind’s own powerful resource to heal your body and create beauty from within.

Find What Worx

Confidence boosting retreats, hosted by Cheryl, will begin this Fall in which the focus will be helping women align their outer and inner beauty through a combination of meditation, personal growth work and related treatments.